The ectomorphy personality body type- Which is the correct

Large, viscera, soft body
 Tall, thin, and fragile
 Strong and muscular

The valve present the back flow of blood into the right ventricle when the ventricular valve muscles relaxes:

Tricuspid valve
 Bicuspid valve
 Pulmonary valve
 Pulmonary artery

Pushing fluid out of the blood stream determining overall fluid movement across the capillary wall is called

Hydrostatic pressure
 Osmotic pressure

The earliest congenital anomaly detected is

 Spina bifida
 Duodenal atresia

The term gavage indicates-

Administration of a liquid feeding into stomach
 Visual examination of the stomach
 Irrigation of the stomach with a solution
 A surgical opening through the abdomen to the stomach

Dopamine is preferred in the management of shock, because it

Decrease cardiac output
 Has prolonged action
 Peripheral vasoconstriction effect
 Has renal vasodilatory effect

The sensation of pain that is described most commonly by the patient with angina pectoris is

Knife like

Thinking is also referred as -


one of the following is not the typical feature of kwashiorkor

Muscle wasting
 Severe loss of subcutaneous fat
 Moon face
 usually good appetite

Which of the following characteristics indicate protein deficiency in a client -

Spoon shaped nails
 Increase bleeding time
 Negative nitrogen balance
 Positive nitrogen balance

1 Teaspoon equals to


The effect of the drug on parasympathetic function declines rapidly in all organs except

 Smooth muscle organs

Specific sign of kwashiorkar is

Pitting edema
 Weight loss
 flag sign
 Muscle wasting

Identify the isotonic fluid among the following

 5% Dextrose
 All the above

The most common presentation of neonatal maningitis is

Poor feeding
 Bulging fontanels
 Nuchal rigidity

To do first - aid for a needle stick injury In the finger

Squeeze the wound
 Wash the wound with soap and water
 Pour betadine lotion over the wound
 Put the finger in the mouth and suck

Transport host is one which

Parasite passes its sexual stage
 Parasite remains Asexual
 Organism remain alive but does not undergo development
 life cycle is not complete

Highest oxygen concentration will be delivered by

Nasal catheter
 Nasal cannula
 Partial non-rebreather mask
 Simple O2 mask

All of the following factor increases gastric motility

Abdominal distension

The incision site of tracheostomy are

1st & 2nd tracheal ring
 2nd & 3rd tracheal ring
 5th tracheal ring
 6th tracheal ring

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