The main personality problem for clients who needs props to blur reality is usually ?

 Ego ideal
 Role blurring

An elderly confused client with socially aggressive behaviour needs an environment that

Can be manipulated
 Is mainly group oriented
 allows freedom of expression
  Provides control by setting limits

When giving a patient intramuscular pre­operative medications, the practical nurse must remember to inject into site no more than ?


The fibrous tissue connecting bone to bone is called


Daily care of patient's room would consist of

Disinfecting and sterilizing items in his immediate area
  Providing fresh water for his flowers
 Scrubbing and waxing the floor
 Damp dusting and straightening

During the bath observation of skin include ?

Temperature integrity and condition
 Colour, warmth and bruising
 Markings made by wrinkles in the sheet or crumbs
 Distribution and colour of hair

Included as a part of charting is the recording of observations and assessment of the patient. Basic skills used by the nurse in assessment are

Subjective and objective observation
 Communications of the patient
 Laboratory data and patient's response to tests
 Recording of all data in a legal manner

Signs of a local infection include

Redness,,pain, swelling and decreased temperature
  Increase and decreased blood pressure
 Redness, pain and swelling of the area
  Increased temperature, pain, redness and decreased urine output

The physician writes the following order, "Obtain a sterile urine specimen for C & S".Which of the following is true concerning a sterile urine specimen?

May be obtained from the catheter bag if the patient has a Foley catheter
  May be obtained using the "clean catch"or "mid stream" method as long as you use a sterile container
 Must be obtained either by catheterizing the patient or from the catheter itself if the patient has a Foley catheter
 May be obtained only by clamping off a Foley catheter for 15 minutes and then taking the specimen from the catheter tubing

Nursing observation that should be reported to physician immediately include ?

Weak, therapy pulse, hypotention and decreased urinary output
 Obstruction of the intravenous tubing and inflammation at the puncture site
  Removal of the signs of local infection
 Three hundred fifty millimetre of yellow green drainage from nasogastric tube during the 8 hour shift.

To check the placement of nasogastric tube the nurse can ?

Order a chest x­ray examination after injecting 5cc of air into the stomach
 Ask the patient if the tube feels as if it is in the stomach
 Ask the patient to take tree deep breaths while pinching the nasogastric tube
 Inject 5cc of air into the nasogastric tube while listening with a stethoscope for air entering the stomach

In case of accident what would you first examine

Patent airway
 Possible head injury

You would use the following methods of artificial respiration

Mouth­to mouth
 Back pressure

In order to stop oozing bleeding you would first try ?

Pressure points
 Direct pressure to the wound
 Ice packs

Characteristic sign of heat exhaustion are ?

Profuse perspiration, normal body temperature, fainting
 Unconsciousness, incontinence and bradycardia
 Elevated body temperature, hot dry skin and tachycardia
 Flushed face, rigidity of body muscles and excessive salivation

If a patient asks you to pray with him you should ?

Summon the hospital chaplain or minister of the patient faith
 Ask him about his faith because you may not agree with his religious belief
 Comply with his request, asking him if he has any special prayer he would like to say
 Ignore his request, realizing that illness after causes a patient concern about spiritual welfare

Congestive Heart Failure is best described as

Collection of the fluid in the tissue
 Inability of the heart to meet the body's demands
 Reduced body needs as opposed to increased heart activity
 Venous­return retardation by a compensatory heart

An accurate picture of the effectiveness of diuretic therapy is ascertained through ?

Daily weight measurement
 Intake­output records every hour
 Testing for pedal edema daily
 Type of diuretic administered

The post­operative patient who exhibits ,pyrexia, purulent drainage and congestion around the incision may be said to have

 Postoperative infection

Gastric resections may result in the following

Diabetes insipidus
  Dumping syndrome
 Esophageal varices

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