For the patient with otitis media nursing care is centered on reducing the severity or alleviating problems ?

Dizziness and decreased hearing
 Fever and tinnitus
 Pain and pressure in the ear
 Nausea and vomiting

The screening cancer detection test for the most common cancer in women is

Biopsy of cervical tissue
 Dilation and curettage
 Positive Kahn's test
  Breast self¬≠examination

The causative organism of syphilis is ?

Ducrey's bacillus
 Neisseria gonococcus
 Treponema pallidum
 Welch's bacillus

A common blood test is that is used in a urologic workup is the blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test. The normal level for this test is

10 to 20 mg/100ml of whole blood
 25 to 40 mg/100ml of whole blood
  50 to 80 mg/100ml of whole blood
 70 to 120 mg/100ml of whole blood

Mr. X is to have a suprapubic prostatectomy. In this procedure the gland is approached through the


After a cast has been applied, the nurse should suspect circulatory impairment if the patient of ?

Stiffness of the digits
 Itching of the part
 Numbness or tingling or both of the digits
 Excessive sweating under the cast

Information necessary for complete pain assessment would include ?

Precipitating event description and location
 Medication preference and location
 Emotional state of the patient and nutritional need
 Time since last injection and physician order

Streptomycin is used in treatment of infections. The nurse should observed for ?

 Edema, especially of the face
 Impairment of hearing and equilibrium

Humidified oxygen is administered via tracheostomy after a laryngectomy because

Humidified oxygen contains more water
 The upper airway is no longer connected to the lower airway
 The lower airway heals more quickly if humidity is utilized
 Humidified oxygen administration facilitates suctioning

The purpose of steam inhalation is to

Produce thicker secretions,which may be expect ≠rated more easily
 Increase the oxygen content coming in contact with the mucous membranes
 Increase the evaporation of water from the mucous membranes
 Increase the evaporation of water from the mucous membranes

Absolute glaucoma is a condition that result in

Detachment of the retina
 Hypertrophy of the conjunctiva
 Severe pain and loss of vision
 Temporary loss of vision

Mrs. A is scheduled for pneumoencephalography. This procedure, done in the x­ray department, consists of an injection of

Air directly into the ventricles
 A dye into the lumbar subarachnoid space
 A radioactive substance intravenously
  Air into the lumbar subarachnoid space

An example of a synthetic narcotic include all the following except


A drug order states 'Nembutal, gr 3 h.s. and the nurse has on hand 100 mg capsules.The nurse gives

  1 capsule
  2 capsule
 3 capsule

It is suspected that a patient has meningococcal meningitis and should therefore, be isolated

For his entire hospitalization
 For the first 48 hours
 Until his culture are negative
  For 24 hours after initiating antibiotic therapy

Emergency nursing care of the patient suspected of a spinal cord injury will be to­ A) Place in semiFowler's position to stabilize the vertebral column B) Keep flat with head and neck stabilized C) Logroll onto a stretcher for transport D) Place in orthopneic position to facilitate respiration

A and C
  B and C
 B and D
 C and D

To promote post­burn hydration and kidney function, the nurse should

Keep accurate intake and output, weight daily, and maintain IV fluids
 Reverse isolation and measure urine specific gravity
  Reposition frequently and administer analgesics
 Note depth of respirations and measure intake and output accurately

Important point to remember in instructing a mastectomy patient before discharge are

Frequent changing of dressings and good nutrition
 Promotion of rest
 Prevention of infection and phlebitis
 Teaching of good posture and prescribed exercise

Symptoms that may be experienced by patient in diabetic coma are

Sweating, hunger and trembling
 Pallor, headache and weakness
 Slow pulse and difficulty in breathing
 Hot dry skin, nausea, vomiting and drowsiness

Aphonia would lead one to suspect

 Injury to esophagus
 Injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerve endings

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