Tetany, postoperatively, may be caused by

Invasion by the bacillus tetany
  An increase in the amount of calcium in the blood
 Decrease of phosphorus in the blood
 A decrease in the amount of calcium in the blood

Homologous Serum Hepatitis (Hepatitis B) is contacted by

Exposure to infection
 Parental inoculation
 Physical damage to the liver
 Improper utilization of bile salts

The patient with bleeding esophagus varices can be treated with a Sengstaken­Blakemore Tube. In caring for the patient with this type of tube? the nurse should be most alert for

Loss of balloon pressure
 Irritation of nares
 Airway obstruction

The symptoms indicative of benign proatatic hypertrophy are

Frequency, hesitancy, straining and hematuria
 Nocturia, hesitancy, straining and nuria
 Frequency, pyuria, straining and hematuria
  Hesitancy, straining, suppression and urgency

The nurse should check carefully to make certain the eye drops administered to the glaucoma patient are

 Warmed before administration

When interpreting the results of the tes­Tape on urine, orange indicate

1+ sugar
 3+ sugar
 4+ sugar

The symptoms associated with the type of fracture would probably be

Shock, pain and adduction with hip and knee
 Pain, external rotation and lengthening of the extremity
 Pain, external rotation and shortening of the extremity
 Shock, internal rotation and shortening of the extremity

A patient with gout should follow which type of diet

Potassium modified diet
 Renal diet
 Low purine diet
 High calcium diet

A patient ask you what vitamin is best for eye sight

Vitamin B 6
 Vitamin C
 Vitamin B 12
 Vitamin A

A patient is to be started on an eternal feeding. What important steps should nurse take before the patient in started on eternal feeding

Evaluate the familiar perception of eternal feeding
 Assess the understanding of eternal feeding
 Assess patient allergy to lactogen
 Make sure patient had nothing by mouth while eternal feeding is started

If a group therapy has been successful, an individual will most likely be expected to

Be free from all emotional problems
 Be more understanding of the behaviour of others
 Gain personal insights into his or her own behaviour
 Be free from anxiety

In planning nursing care for the elated patient, a primary aim is

Encouraging interpersonal contact
 Providing a non­stimulating environment
 Demanding that the patient follow rules
 Accepting and understanding behaviour

What is true of primary facilities?

They are usually government­run
 Their services are provided on an out­patient basis
 They have training facilities for health professionals
 A community hospital is an example of this level of health facilities

Tertiary prevention is needed in which stage of the natural history of disease?


The PHN bag is an important tool in providing nursing care during a home visit. The most important principle in bag technique states that it?

Should save time and effort
 Should minimize if not totally prevent the spread of infection
 Should not overshadow concern for the patient and his family
 May be done in variety of ways depending on the home situation,etc.

Which of the following is a function of epidemiology?

Identifying the disease condition based on manifestations presented by a client
 Determining factors that contributed to the occurrence of pneumonia in a 3 year old
 Determining the efficacy of the antibiotic used in the treatment of the 3 year old client with pneumonia
 Evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness

The number of cases of Dengue fever usually increases towards the end of the rainy season. This pattern of occurrence of Dengue fever is best described as?

Epidemic occurrence
 Cyclical variation
 Sporadic occurrence
 Secular occurrence

Primary health care is a total approach to community development. Which of the following is an indicator of success in the use of the primary health care approach ?

Health services are provided free of charge to individuals and families
 Local officials are empowered as the major decision makers in matters of health
 Health workers are able too provide care based on identified health needs of the people
 Health programs are sustained according to the level of development of the community

You are computing the crude rate of your municipality, with a total population of about 18,000 for last year. There were 94 deaths. Among those who died, 20 died because of diseases of the heart and 32 were aged 50 years or older. What is the crude death rate?


Knowing that malnutrition is a frequent community health problem, you decided to conduct nutritional assessment. What population is particularly susceptible to protein energy malnutrition (PEM)?

Pregnant women and the elderly
 Under 5 year old children
 1­4 year old children
 School age children

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