Which of the following women should be considered as special targets for family planning?

Those who have two children or more
 Those with medical conditions such as anemia
 Those younger than 20 years and older than 35 years
 Those who just had a delivery within the past 15 months

Inadequate intake by the pregnant woman of which vitamin may cause neural tube defects?

 Folic Acid

Mosquito­borne diseases are prevented mostly with the use of mosquito control measures. Which of the following is NOT appropriate for malaria control?

Use of chemically treated mosquito nets
 Seeding of breeding places with larva­eating fish
 Destruction of breeding places of the mosquito vector
 Use of mosquito­repelling soaps, such as those with basil or citronella

A 4­year old client was brought to the health centre with chief complaint of severe diarrhea and the passage of "rice water". The client is most probably suffering from which condition?


Among the following diseases, which is airborne?

Viral conjunctivitis
 Acute poliomyelitis

A client was diagnosed as having Dengue Fever. You will say that there is slow capillary refill when the color of the nailbed that you pressed does not return within how many seconds?


Which is an example of the school nurse's health care provider function?

Requesting for BCG from the RHU for school entrance immunization
 Conducting random classroom inspection during measles epidemic
  Taking remedial action on an accident hazard in the school playground
 Observing places in the school where pupils spend their free times

Isolation of a child with measles belongs to what level of prevention?


Which of the following is an advantage of a home visit?

It allows the nurse to provide nursing care to a greater number of people
 It provides an opportunity to do first hand appraisal of the home situation
 It allows sharing of experience among people with similar health problems
  It develops the family's initiative in providing for health needs of its members

Which type of family­nurse contact will provide you with the best opportunity to observe family dynamics?

Clinic consultation
 Group conferences
 Home visit
 Written communication

Which step in community organizing involves training of potential leaders in the community?

 Community organization
  Community study
 Core group formation

In which step are plans formulated for solving community problems?

 Community organization
 Core group formation

A primigravida client who is little overweight asks how much weight she should gainover the 9 months. The most appropriate answer is

For your size a little heavy about 15 pounds would be best
 It really doesn't matter exactly how much weight you gain, as long as your diet is healthy
  A gain of about 24­25 pounds is the best for the mother and baby
  Because you are a little overweight , it would be best you not gain too much weight

During a prenatal check, a client asks nurse why menstruation ceases once pregnancy occurs. the nurse best response would be that this occurs because of the

Reduction in secretion of hormones by the ovaries
 Production of estrogen and progesterone by the ovaries
 Secretion of luteinizing hormones produced by the pituitary
 Secretion of estrogen hormones produced by the ovaries

The nurse teaches a multipara who has just delivered a large baby what to do to maintain a contracted uterus. The nurse recognize that teaching has been effective when the client states

If I start to bleed, I will call for help
 I will gently message my uterus to keep it firm
 If I urinate frequently, my uterus will stay contracted
 I will call you every15 minutes

A nurse is assessing a client with pregnancy induced hypertension. The nurse expects the client's blood pressure to be

150/100 mm Hg while standing and sitting
 Elevated and accompanied by a headache
 Above the baseline and fluctuating at each reading
 30/15 mm Hg over the baseline on two occasions 6 hours part

A client is gravida 4 para 3 and is in a labour room. After a vaginal examination it is determined that the presenting head is at station +3. The appropriate nursing action is

Continue to observe client's contractions
 Check the fetal heart rate for a prolapsed cord
 Prepare to move the client quickly to the delivery room
 Check with the physician to see if an Oxytocin drip is warranted

The nausea and vomiting commonly experienced by many women during the first trimester of pregnancy is an adaptation to the increased level of

 Luteinizing hormone
 Chorionic gonadoptropin

Magnesium sulphate IM is administered every 4 hours to an eclamptic client which of the following symptoms is an indication for the next dose of Magnesium sulphate

Absence of deep tendon reflexes
 A respiratory rate of 16 per minute
 Urine output of 50 ml over the last 4 hours
  Complaint of being thirsty

The term dizygotic refers to twin who have ?

Developed from two separate ova and sperms
 Been born several hours apart from each other
 Developed physically a different rates from each other
  Developed in one amnion and have one chorion

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