A nursing mother has cracked nipples. Which is appropriate nursing intervention in care of client

Applying benzoin to tougher the nipples
 Keeping the nipples covered with warm, moist packs
  Offering to give baby a bottle
 Exposing the nipples to air as much as possible

A client who is 32 weeks pregnant has just been admitted to the labour room in the first stage of labour. Which of the following clinical manifestations is considered abnormal and should be reported to the physician immediately

Expulsion of a blood tinged mucous plug
 Continuous contraction of 2 minutes duration
 Feeling of pressure on perineum causing her to near down
 Expulsion of clear fluid from the vagina

The nurse explains the treatment for fluid retention during pregnancy which is

Adequate fluid and a flow salt diet
 A low salt diet and elevation of the lower extremities
 Adequate fluid and elevation of the lower extremities
 Judicious use of diuretics and elevation of the lower extremities

In preparing a primigravida for breastfeeding, which of the following will you do?

Tell her that lactation begins within a day after delivery
 Teach her nipple stretching exercises if her nipples are everted
 Instruct her to wash her nipples before and after each breastfeeding
 Explain to her that putting the baby to breast will lessen blood loss after delivery

You explain to a breastfeeding mother that breast milk is sufficient for all of the baby's nutrient needs only up to:

3 months
 6 months
 1 year
 2 years

Knowledge of normal growth and development of the child is essential for the nurse because

It is basic to understand the sick child.
 Most nurses have children
 Most children do not get sick
 It helps the nurse to be good father or mother

Hospital procedures for a child are

The same in each hospital
 Different in basic principles from those for adults
 Entirely different for each age group
 The same in principle as the those for adults

The temperature of the child under 4 years of age should be taken by

 Mouth and rectum

To prevent accident when caring for children the nurse should remember to

Leave the crib sides up
  Keep child in crib at all time
  Have a gateway in door
  Keep room tidy and environment safe

When playing with children, a toddler play can best be described as


Early detection of possible erythrobastosis fetalis requires observation of (A)Jaundice soon after birth (B) Yellow­tinged vervix caseosa (C) Susceptibility to eczema (D)Neurologic disturbances (E)Yellow­tinged cord (F)PKU test

 A & B
  A B & E
 C, D & F

The treatment of croup is

Highly humidified, cool oxygen and sedatives
 Vaporized oxygen and sedatives
 Highly humidified, warm air and syrup of ipecac
 Rest, antibiotics and oxygen

When a nurse patient relationship is ending the patient may react by

Rejecting the nurse
 Becoming angry
  Regression and withdrawal

Mrs A frequently is seen to lean her head to one side, cup her ear and move her lips when no one is present. She is most likely experiencing a(n)


A primary goal of nursing care for a withdrawn patient would be directed towards

Building his or her trust in all the staff initially
 Gradually building trust by means of a one­to­one relationship
 Encouraging numerous group activities
 Insisting on patient's own management

The most serious complication of a major tranquilizera

Parkinsonian symptoms

CHN is a community­based practice. Which best explains this statement?

The service is provided in the natural environment of people
 The nurse has to conduct community diagnosis to determine nursing needs and problems
 The service are based on the available resources within the community
 Priority setting is based on the magnitude of the health problems identified

Medication management offers the client the possibility of a reduction in levels of:

Distress and disability associated with the acute symptoms of a psychiatric disorder

As a nurse you will know if the person has mood disorder if:

Has a flight of ideas
 Has flat affect
  Has a paranoia
 Has an illusion

Which of the following is an appropriate nursing action to a patient with a delusion?

Isolate the patient as he or she may harm other people.
 Do not challenge the patient in proving the delusion
  Promise that antipsychotic drugs in order to improve the though content
 Make it to a point to challenge the patient in proving the delusion

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