Grandiose delusions occur in which of the following disorder?

Manic disorder
 Obsessive compulsive disorder
 Phobic disorder
 Anxiety disorder

Clouding of consciousness is characteristic of:


A patient has been taking Lithium carbonate for his hypomania. While taking this drug which mineral would you recommend in adequate quantities?


Bleeding from the nose is known as:


Which of the following is used to assess the level of consciousness

Apgar score
 Braden scale
 Glassgow coma scale
 Glassgow coma scale

Color coding for Nitrous oxide cylinder is

 Light Blue

Which is the most common microorganisms in nosocomial infections?

Esherichia coli
 Staphylcoccus aureus

The solution used to disinfect the bed linen of HIV positive patient is:

 Sodium hypochlorite

The pulse site in neck is called


Five teaspoon is equivalent to how many millilitres(ml)

30 ml
 25 ml
 12 ml
 22 ml

The nutrient that helps in tissue repair is


Emotion can be best expressed through which of the following?

 Facial Expression
  All of the above

98.6F is equal to

36.5 Degree C
 37.2 Degree C
 37 Degree C
 38 Degree C

When a drug is to be given at bed time, which of the following coded instruction is used?


Lack of oxygen in the tissues is called


X-ray study of the fallopian tube is known as


To give fowler's position to a patient, the head end of the bed is raised to

35 degree angle
 15 degree angle
 60 degree angle
 45 degree angle

The most common deficiency seen in alcoholics is:

 Pantothenic acid

Before giving blood transfusion a nurse must note the date, time of collection and must be aware that packed RBC's can be stored up to:

25 days
 35 days
  45 days
 5 days

Glycated hemoglobin (hbA1c) tests, mean glucose levels:

Over 2 days
 Over 14 days
 Over 30 days
 Over 90 days

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