What is the usual site of intramuscular injection a nurse will choose in an adult for Z-track technique?

 Rectus femoris
 Vastus Lateralis

Which of the following type of bandage is used for collar bone fracture

T- bandage
 Spica cast
 Figure of eight bandage
 Capline bandage

The most commonest cause of Asthma is

 Microbial infection
 Pulmonary hypertension

The disease causing lens opacity leading to disability in elderly is

 Corneal dystrophies

Reduction of bone density leading to increased susceptibility to fracture is

 Paget's Disease

The best position for the patient with increased intracranial pressure is to

Keep the head of the bed flat
 Elevate the head of the bed to 30 degrees
  Maintain patient on the left side with the head supported on a pillow
 Use a continuous-rotation bed to continuously change patient position

Which of the following is correct regarding tendon

It connect bone to muscle
 It possible strength to muscle
 It lubricate joints with synovial fluid
 It relieve friction between moving parts

Which of following supplemental medication is most frequently ordered in conjunction with furosemide (Lasix)?


Decreased number of erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets is indicative of what condition?

 Aplastic anemia
 Sickle cell anemia

Which of the following is a classic symptoms of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)?

Fatigue and fever
 Weight loss
 Shortness of breath
 Superficial lesions over the cheeks and nose

Corticosteroid drugs suppresses

Sympathetic response
 Pain receptors
 Immune response
 Neural transmission

Which diagnostic test will be ordered to confirm pneumonia?

Arterial blood gas (ABG) analysis
  Chest X-ray
 Blood cultures
 Sputum culture and sensitivity

client has received a preliminary diagnosis of tuberculosis. What is the definitive diagnostic test to be done

chest X-ray
 Mantoux test
 Sputum culture
 Tuberculin test

Which of the following is true about acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

Alveoli are over expanded
 Alveoli increase perfusion
 Alveolar spaces are filled with fluid
 Alveoli improve gaseous exchange

Which symptom occurs initially in Parkinson's disease?

 Aspiration of food
 Pill rolling movements of the hand

The following is an example of a benign tumor:


Most common cancer in women worldwide is

 Carcinoma of breast
 Carcinoma of thyroid
 Carcinoma of thyroid

sease which is imported into a country in which it does not otherwise occur is


Time interval between invasion of infection agent and appearance of the first symptom is called

Serial interval
 Incubation period
 Period of infectivity

Sex ratio in India is expressed as

No.of males per 100 females
 No. of females per 100 males
 No. of males per 1000 females
 No. of females per 1000 males

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