Mode of transmission of malaria is by


Tuberculosis is an infectious diseases cause by


In the communication process, to encode means:

Speak to large groups of people
 Interpret a code
 Translate ideas in to a code
 Block a pathway between the sender and receiver of a message

Chikungunya is transmitted by?


ASHA scheme is associated with:

 Rural health mission
 20 Points Programme
 Minimum needs programme

Pulse polio immunization covers:

0-5yr children
 0-1yr children
  1-5yr children
  0-2yr children

Incineration is done for:

Waste sharps
  Human anatomical waste
  Radiographic waste
 Used batteries

Which of the following risks is associated with placenta praevia?

Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
 Chronic Hypertension

Second stage of labour begins when

The woman begins of expel clear vaginal fluid
 Cervix is completely dilated
  Contractions are regular
  Membranes have ruptured

True labor is characterized by

Effacement and dilatation of cervix
 Painful uterine contraction
 Supra pubic discomfort at regular interval
 All of the above

Which of the following fetal positions is most favorable for birth?

 Oblique lie
 Frank breech presentations
  Posterior position of the head

The permanent cessation of menstruations is


FHR can be auscultated with a fetoscope as early as which of the following?

weeks gestation
 weeks gestation
  weeks gestation
 weeks gestation

Before the placenta functions, the corpus luteum is the primary source for synthesis of which of the following hormones?

 Estrogen and progesterone
 T4 and TSH

The most ideal pelvis for child birth. Pelvis serves as the passage way for the passenger (fetus) during child birth:


A patient in the second stage of labour is given which of the following injections to improve uterine contractions?


Premature separation of a normally implanted placenta during the second half of pregnancy, usually with severe hemorrhage is known as:

  Ectopic pregnancy
 Incompetent cervix
  Abruptio placentae

When administering an IM injection to an infant the nurse in charge should use which site?


Following ventricular septal defect repair priority nursing intervention is:

Monitor urine output
 Check the pulmonary status
 Determine the status of operative site
 Check the patency of I/V line

A message is a signal that serves as:

Stimuli for a receiver
 Stimuli for a mass audience
 Stimuli for a speaker
 Noise reduction

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