The most common symptom in children with symptomatic cardiac malfunction is:

Mental retardation
  Inherited genetic disorder
 Delayed physical growth
 Clubbing of the finger tips

A child is on oral preparation, what is the important teaching point for this child?

Loose stools are common with iron preparation
 Iron preparation need to take 1 hour before meal
  Allow the child to take diluted iron preparation through straw
  Allow the child to take diluted iron preparation through straw

Toilet training to a baby should be started at the age of:

12 months
 15 months
 18 months
 24 months

In following which communicable disease is also known as "German Measles"


Clinical features of diphtheria in children include

Sore throat, dysphasia and low grade fever
  Sore throat, high grade fever and rash
 Swelling of parotid gland, earache, fever
 Sore throat, rash and pain in abdomen

Which guideline a nurse has to follow when caring for pressure sore

Wound must remain moist
  Tight packing of the wound
  Dressing to dry before removal
 Plastic sheet type of dressing for cover

Nurse working in an operation theatre must know, the risk of HIV infection with needle stick injury is about


Which ICUD needs to be replaced only after 10 years?

Copper "I" 200
 Cu- "T" 380A
 Nova "I"

Which one the following viruses cause post transfusion hepatitis?

Hepatitis A
  Hepatitis B
 Hepatitis C
 Hepatitis D

Assuming the menstrual cycle length as 32 days and LMP as june 10th .Which of the following is most likely due date?

March 12
  March 17
  March 21
  March 27

Thirty year old female complained of wetting her dress while coughing. Which one of the following conditions a nurse should suspect?


Oxygenated Blood enter the fetal circulation form umbilical vein via

Ductus venosus
 Ductus asteriosus
  Intra hepatic vein
 Intra hepatic artery

While recording Intake Output nurse has to consider Insensible water loss from human body and the normal loss is


An adult client with tuberculosis asks the nurse if she needs to follow any special diet. Which suggestion would be most appropriate for the nurse to give?

Eat a high-carbohydrate diet
  Eat a low-calorie, low-protein diet
  Eat frequent small, high-calorie meals
 Consume only high-carbohydrate liquids

Which of the following statements indicates that client with a peptic ulcer understands the dietary modifications how will need to follow at home?

"I should eat a bland, soft diet."
  "It is important to eat six small meals a day."
 I should drink several glasses of milk a day.
  "I should avoid alcohol and caffeine."

A client with angina shows the nurse her nitroglycerin (Nitrostat) that she is carrying in a plastic bag in her pocket. The nurse instructs the client that nitroglycerin should be kept

In the refrigerator
 In a cool, moist place
 In a dark container to shield from light
 In a plastic bag where it is readily available

A client has his leg immobilized in a long leg cast. Which of the following assessments would indicate the early beginning of circulatory impairment ?

Inability to move toes
 Cyanosis of toes
 Complaints of cast tightness
 Tingling of toes

Patient teaching about diabetic foot care should include the need for:

Rub feet with alcohol to toughen skin
  Use a heating pad to warm feet
 Inspect feet daily for cracks or cuts
  Disinfect scissors before removing calluses

The dietary instructions the nurse gives a patient with ulcerative colitis would include a recommendation to eat foods that are low in:


Which food should the nurse remove form the tray of a patient on a low-residue diet?

Cottage cheese
 Chicken breast
  Mashed potatoes
 Green beans

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