______________occurs when a response is followed by experiencing something pleasurable

Positive reinforcement
 Negative reinforcement

Cognition refers to

behavior that is observable and external
 behavior that is directly measureable
 the mental events that take place while is person behaving

learning is

A any temporary change in behavior
  a change in behavior due to maintain
  any permanent change in behavior brought about by experience
 any permanent change in behavior due to maturation

Memory can be best described as

a series of storage bins or boxes
 or process of storage
  a series of passive data files
  an active system that encodes, stores, and retrieves information

Which structure of the personality according to Freud, works on the reality Principle?

 Super ego

To increase awareness of rural population towards small family norm, the best method is

Film show
 Charts and exhibits
  Role playing
  Role playing

Which of the following is one of the ways to promote wellness in one's life?

Get enough sleep
  Eat whatever you want, as long as it tastes good
 Don't worry about managing your time
  Avoid getting too involved with

Four main reasons for people's behavior are the following except:


For improving health of people it is necessary to enable people to learn skills. Following Action are appropriate except:

To establish good relationships
 To communicate clearly
 To tell them wait and watch
 To encourage participation

Following is/are thing(s) to be considered before choosing health education methods:

People readiness to change
  Method according to culture
  Availability of resources
 All of the above

A woman is scheduled for radiation therapy following a mastectomy. The nurse can expect that this client may have

More energy during therapy
 An increased appetite
  Skin changes at the radiation site

The nurse is caring for an adult admitted with a diagnosis of a brain tumor. Shortly after her admission, the client suffers a seizure. The nurse's initial intervention must be directed towards

Controlling the seizure
 Protecting the client
 Restraining the client
 Reducing circulation to the brain

During the health history interview. Which of the following strategies is the most effective for the nurses to use to help clients feel that they have an active role in their health care?

Ask clients to complete a questionnaire
 Provide clients with written instructions
  Ask clients for this description of events and for their views concerning past medical care
 Ask client if they have any questions

Older adults with known cardiovascular disease must balance which of the following measures for optimum health?

Diet, exercise and medication
 Stress, hypertension and pain
 Mental health, diet and stress
 Social events, diet and smoking

Which of the following factors is most important for healing an infested decubitis ulcer?

Adequate circulatory status
  Scheduled periods of rest
  Balanced nutritional diet
  Fluid intake of 1,500 ml/day

The nurse is developing a community health education program about STDs. Which information about women who acquire gonorrhea should be included?

Women are more reluctant than men to seek medical treatment
 Gonorrhea is not easily transmitted to women who are menopausal
 Women with gonorrhea are usually asymptomatic
 Gonorrhea is usually a mild disease for women

The nurse is developing an education plan for clients with hypertension. Which of the following long-term goals would it be most appropriate for the nurse to emphasize to the clients?

Develop a plan to limit stress
 Participate in a weight reduction program
 Administer pain medication as soon as the client requests it
  Change pain medications periodically to avoid drug tolerance

The antidote for heparin is

Vitamin k
 Warfarin (Coumadin)
  Protamine sulfate

Which nursing assessment is important in a patient with ascites?

Hematest of all stools
 Bowel sounds
 Abdominal girth
 Urine output

Intravenous pyelography has been ordered to search for kidney stones preparation, the nurse must first:

Weight the patient
 Determine whether the patient has any allergy to iodine
 Note the last bowel movement
 Record the baseline vital signs

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