Ability of the drug to cause foetal abnormality when administered during pregnancy is known as :

Therapeutic effect
  Idiosyncratic reaction
  Teratogenic effect
 Toxic effect

Which of the following size of the rectal tube is indicated for bowel wash for an adult patient?

22 - 30 Fr
 12 - 18 Fr
 20 - 24 Fr
 18 - 24 Fr

Which organ is most at risk for dysfunction in a patient with a potassium level of 6.2 M.Eq/L


Which one of the following route is not indicated for administering analgesic medicine

Intra venous
 Intra muscular
 Intra abdominal

A patient has orders to receive 1 L (one litter ) of 5% dextrose to be infused over 8 hours. How many ml to be infused per hour?

80 ml
 100 ml
  125 ml
 150 ml

A patient has order to receive 50 ml of an antibiotic to be infused over 1 (one) hour. The tubing drip factor of 60. How many drops/minute should be set?


Which of the following is an indication of mild shock?

Blood Pressure : 88/50 mm Hg
 Pulse: 110/minute
 Urine output ­ 18 ml/hr

Which of the following medications would the nurse anticipate the physician would order to increase the blood pressure for a patient with septic shock?


Which drug can be given to reverse the effect of an opioid overdose?

 Hydrocodon with acetaaminophen (Vicodin)
  Phenytoin (Dilantin)

The nurse is admitting a trauma patient to the emergency department. Which of the following should be her priority intervention?

 Maintaining open airway

While providing care, the nurse understands that, the last sense to leave in a terminally ill patient is ?


Each normal heart beat is initiated by which of the following ?

Sino Atrial Node
 Bundle of His
 Cardiac Center of Medulla
 Sympathetic nerves

When blood pressure falls, which of the following is secreted by kidney to raise it ?


Permanent pacemaker is indicated in which of the following dysrhythmias ?

Ventricular fibrillation
 Asymptomatic bradycardia
 Atrial fibrillation
 Third degree heart block

Which of the following structure covers the larynx during swallowing?

Hydroid Cartilage
  Vocal cords
 Soft palate

Which of the following positions is recommended for a patient with a nasal bleeding?

Lying down with feet elevated
  Sitting up with neck extended
 Lying down with a small pillow under the head
 Sitting up with head slightly leaning forward

Gastric juice contributes to the digestion of which of the following types of nutrients?


Which of the following is not a risk factor for gallbladder disease

 Multiple pregnancies
 Age 40 or above

Urea is a waste product of which of the following the metabolism?

Nucleic acid
 Amino acid
 Muscle tissue

Which of the following is restricted for a patient scheduled for an intravenous pyelogram?

Salt intake
 Fluid intake
 Use of tobacco
 Physical Activities

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