Which of the followings are signs and symptoms of tetany?

Numb fingers, muscle cramps
 Weakness, muscle fatigue
 Hallucinations, delusions
 Dyspnoea and tachycardia

When neurologist asks a patient to smile which cranial nerve is being tested?


Which the following type of bandaging is used for supporting and immobilizing elbow, ankle and knee

 Figure of eight
 Spiral reverse

A strip of material used mainly to support and immobilize a part of the body is called as


A "Green stick fracture" is :

A fracture at right angle to the bone
  An incomplete fracture in which the bone is bent
  A fracture in which a bone fragments in to several
 Bone ends are no longer touching

When testing Visual fields, the nurse is assessing which of the following parts of vision?

Peripheral vision
 Near vision
 Distance vision
  Central vision

Which of the following rule to be applied while estimating surface area of burns in adults?

Rule of thumb
 Rule of 9
 Rule of 5
  Rule of 1

Which international organization is concerned for the betterment of children?


Best method of teaching in a community set up about ORS would be

 Role play

According to WHO , the blindness is defined as visual acquity is less than


Census are done every

1 Year
 2 years
  5 years
 10 years

Registration of birth to be done within

7 days
 15 days
 25 days
 30 days

Which of the following Health program provides Supplementary Nutrition and non formal education services as two major components?

Universal immunization program
  RCH program

Which one of the following is not a functions of the sub center ?

Maternal and Child Health
  National Health programs

The National rural Health Mission ( NRHM) was launched with the aim of further improving health in rural areas. The main functionary or health care provider in this programe is :

Auxillary Nurse Midwife
 Public Health Nurse
 Lady Health visitor

Population norm for a PHC is

5000 at plain area and 3000 at hilly area
 30,000 at plain area and 50, 000 at hilly area
 20,000­ at hilly area and 30, 000 at plain area
 3000 at plain area and 5000 at hilly area

Universal immunization programe included,

Immunisation of pregnant mothers
  Immunization of children under 5 years
 Immnisation of pregnant mothers and children
 All kind of immunisation

Which one of the following is the First Referral unit (FRU) for Tehsil, Taluk/Block population?

District Hospital/divisional
  Sub district/Subdivisional Hospital
 Community Center
 Rural Hospital

First Five year plan for all round development of rural areas was formulated during:


Which of the following committee recommended multipurpose workers for ensuring proper coverage of health services?

Shrivastav Committee
 Mudaliar Committee
  Kartar Singh Committee
 Bhore Committee

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