First National Health policy was formulated in which of the following year?


Which of the following NRHM program has an objective to improve health care at household level through the village level health workers

Strengthening existing PHC
 Integrating vertical health and family welfare program at all levels
  Introduction of ASHA scheme
 Introduction of one additional ANM at Sub center

The First Referral Unit as per NRHM guideline is :

Community Health Center
  District Hospital
 Rural Hospital
  Rural Health Institutes

Which of the following is not a major nutritional programe in India?

 Mid day Meal Scheme
  National Nutritional program
  Water Supply and sanitation program

All of the following diseases are preventable through immunisation except


All of the following are negative health indicators except

Death rate
 Perinatal Mortality rate
  Life expectancy at birth

When a group of 6­8 qualified experts discuss a topic in front of an audience is said to be

Panel discussion
 Group discussion

Conducting Pap smear examination to detect cancer cervix is

Primary prevention
 Secondary prevention
 Tertiary prevention
 Specific protection

MMR vaccine is given at the age of

9 - 12 months
 6 weeks
 1 1/2 year
 5 years

Neonatal mortality rate is calculated by estimating the number newborn death within ...... days

24 hrs
  one week
  28 days
 One year

Incidence of a disease is defined as

Number of old cases present during given period
  Number of cases existing in a given population at a given time
 Number of cases existing at a given period
 Number of new cases occurring in a specific period

The process of restriction of movement of persons who have come in contact of diseased person is called as

Active surveillance
 Passive surillance

The normal respiratory rate of a new born is :

20 - 30/minute
 30 - 40/minute
 40 - 60/minute
 60 - 70/minute

The infant's posterior fontenales usually closed by

6 - 8 weeks
 3 - 6 months
  12 - 18 months
 9 - 12 months

Human milk is preferable to cow's milk because:

Human milk has a non laxative effect
 Human milk has more calories per ounce
 Human milk has greater mineral content
  Human milk offers greater immunologic effect

Erikson's theory provides a frame work for which of the following statement?

Clearly indicating the experience needed to resolve crisis
 Emphasizing pathologic development
  Coping with extraordinary events
 Explaining children's behaviuor in mastering developmental task

The best known theory of cognitive development in children was developed by


The nurse is performing the 5 minute APGAR on a new born. Which one of the following observations is included in the APGAR score?

Blood Pressure
 Muscle Tone

All the following are sex chromosomal disorders except

Turner syndrome
  Clinfelter's syndrome
 Herspring's disease
  XXX syndrome

A teenager who required lengthy rehabilitation after an accident decides to become a physical therapist as a result of his experience is an example for


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