Psycho tropic medications that block the acetyl choline receptoe may result in which of the following side effects?

Dry mouth
  Sexual dysfunction

Which one of the following is not a component of nonverbal communication

Physical Appearance and dress
 Facial expression

In Psychiatry, therapy involving environment is called as

Group therapy
 Family therapy
  Behaviour therapy
 Milieu therapy

The nurse identifies the primary nursing diagnosis for a patient admitted in psychiatric ward as risk for suicide related to feelings of hopelessness from loss of relationship. Which of the following outcome criterion would be most accurate for the client?

The client has experienced no physical harm
 The client sets realistic goals for herself
  The client expresses some optimism and hope for the future
 The client has reached a stage of acceptance in the loss of the relationship

Which of the following medications is the physician most likely to order for a client experiencing alcohol withdrawal syndrome?

Haloperidol (Haldol)
 Chlordiazepoxide (Librium)
  Methodone (Dolophine)

The psychotic persons invents new words, that are meaningless to others but have symbolic meaning to the psychotic person is called as

Associative looseness
 Clang association
 Word salad

A client with OCD spends many hours each day washing her hands. The most likely reason she washes her hands so much is that it

Relieves anxiety
 Reduces the probability of infection
 Gives a feeling of control over her life
 Increase self concept

Corpus luteum of pregnancy is active till

6 to 10 weeks
  12 to 14 weeks
 16 to 18 weeks
  20 to 22 weeks

When the placental villi invade the myometrium, the placenta is termed :

Placenta Accreta
 Placenta increta
 Placenta percreta
 Placenta extrachorialis

Which of the following is not a presumptive sign of pregnancy?

 Increased frequency of micturition
 Pain in breasts
 Presence of foetal heart sound

Midway between the umbilicus and Xiphisternum

Midway between the umbilicus and Xiphisternum
 At 1/3rd (one­ third)of distance between the umbilicus and xiphisternum
 Just above the level of umbilicus
 At 2/3rd (two­third) of the distance between the umbilicus and the xiphisternum

The Minimum number of antenatal visits recommended by Government of India is :


Spontaneous uterine contractions known as Braxton Hicks contractions begin by

10 weeks
  14 weeks
 18 weeks
 22 weeks

What is the best time to ask a woman to start taking folic acid supplements?

Second half of menstrual cycle
  When she consult for a missed period
  When pregnancy is confirmed
 Once sheplans a pregnancy

The drug of choice for the management of gestational Diabetes mellitus is


All of the following are characteristics of threatened abortion except :

Presence of vaginal bleeding
  Pain in lower abdomen
 Cervical os is open
 Uterus corresponds to the period of gestation

For best result, medical method of termination of pregnancy is not recommended?

Beyond 5 weeks of pregnancy
  Beyond 7 weeks of pregnancy
  Beyond 9 weeks of pregnancy
 Beyond 11 weeks of pregnancy

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin levels are increased in all of the following, except:

Complete mole
  Partial mole
 Endo dermal sinus tumour
 Embrional carcinoma

Functions of amniotic fluid include all of the following, except

Cushioning effect to the foetus
 Improves urine output
 Maintains even temperature for the fetus
 Promotes development of foetus

Which of the following movements occurs throughout labour in the mechanism of labour?

  Internal rotation
 External rotation

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