Which one of the following is NOT a common cause of increased intracranial pressure?

Migraine headaches
 Subarachnoid haemorrhage
 Viral encephalitis
  Brain tumor

How many chambers are there in the heart of ?sh?


Which is an example of a vector?


When the BMI of an adult is below 18 kg/m2, the condition is termed as


Psychotherapeutic use of movement is called

Recreational therapy
 Relaxation therapy
 Music therapy
 Dance therapy

Sociology helps nurses to know about

 Social life
 Personal life

The systematic evaluation of behavior, emotion and cognitive functions of an individual is known as

Neurological examination
 Mental status examination
  Process recording
 History collection

A river drains the water collected from a speci?c area which is called its

Water divide
  Water current
 Catchment area

A group of ocular conditions characterized by optic nerve damage, increased intra-ocular pressure and associated vision loss is seen in patients with

 Corneal dystrophies

The Fifth Vital sign is

Mean arterial pressure
 ABG analysis

Paedophilia is a form of

Mental abuse
 Verbal abuse
 Child sexual abuse
 Physical abuse

Isotope of Cobalt is used in the treatment for which of the following diseases?


Myopia is corrected by using

Convex lens
 Cylindrical lens
 Concave lens
 Bifocal lens

A pattern of adjustment followed by an individual to relieve anxiety is known as

 Defense mechanism

The ?rst Nursing philosophy on health maintenance and restoration was established by

Mary Eliza Mahoney
 Clara Barton
 Florence Nightingale
 Dorthea Dix

The term "aerobics" is associated with which of the following games/sports?


The overall plan or blueprint for answering the research question is called

Research design

The type of autopsy that is done to determine the cause of death for medical-legal purposes is


A person who works hard to increase his wealth is satisfying his

Personal motives
  Social motives
 Secondary motives
  Biological motives

Which method is used to separate butter from cream?


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