Percentage of total blood received by the coronary artery to supply heart is about


Which is the longest vein in the body

Femoral vein
 Inferior vena cava
 Great saphenous vein
 Femoral artery

Shape of gallbladder is

J shape
 Pear shape

Which type of papillae present in at back of tongue

Vallate papille
 Foliate papille
 Fungi form

What is the height of enema can in the retained enema

12 inch
 8 inch
 22 inch
 10 inch

When earing for a patient in restraints, Which is best device to be restraints

The side rails
 Mattress hook
 Bed frame
 All of above

Which of the following is normal occurance with increasing age

Vital capacity of lung decrease
 Residual volume increase
 Functional residual capacity increase
 All of above

Wrist drop are caused by

Lead poisioning
 Radial nerve palsy
 Both a & b

Which vein commonly used for central venous catheterization

Basilic vein
 Femoral vein
 Median vein
 Cephalic vein

Which index is used to determine the effectiveness of contraceptive method

Rampley index
 Pearl index
 Johnson index

Which nursing assessment is important in a patient with ascites

Bowel sound
 Respiratory sound
 Abdominal girth
 Assessment of fluid

Incineration is done for which type of waste

Waste sharp
 Human antamoical waste
 All of above

Epidural anaesthesia is example of

General anaesthesia
 Local anaesthesia
 Regional anaesthesia
 Both b & c

Initial symptom of perforated duodenal ulcer

 Projectile vomitting

Which among the following can be seen in partial mole is


Tumor of hylaline cartilage is called


Which of the following is neural tube defect define

 Both a & c

Genoscope is used for measure

Range of motion of joint
 Measure anterior chamber angle
 Auditory acuity
 Muscle strength

Which of the following is precursor of vitamin D is


A client arrives in emergency department with a penetrating eye injury from wood chips which is initial nursing action

Apply eye patches
 Perform visual acuity
 Irrigate the eye with NS
 All of above

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