inflammation of the salivery glands


inflammation of the oral cavity


inflammation of the toungue


inflammation of the gum is


heematemesis is

blood in vomits
 blood in sputum
 fresh blood in stool
 occult blood in stool

malena is

blood in vomits
 blood in sputum
 fresh blood in stool
 occult blood in stool

activation of leads to peristalsis

symphatic stimulation
 parasymphathetic stimulation
 RAAS activation
 ACE inhibition

idenify the clear fluid diet

tea or coffee
 apple juice
 All of the above

gastric aspiration can lead to

water and electrolyte imbalance
 bicarbonate imbalance
 protein and fat imbalance
 micronutrient deiciency

dietary management of ascitis

restricted water intake
 restricted sodium intake
 all of these
 none of these

gastric acid is neutralized in the intestine due to the action of

 calcium carbonate

hepatitis is highly infectious during which period

convalescent period
 remission period
 incubation period
 relapse period

mode of transmission of hepatitis A is

sexual contact
 contaminated food
 blood transfusion
 mosquito bite

melena is seen in

 anal fissure
 upper GI bleeding
 lower GI bledding

best position that can be given to a client after gastroctomy is

 low fowler

contra indicated medication in a patient with acute gastritis is

naproxen sodium
 calcium carbonate

perticular smell of fecal matter is due to

 hydrogen sulphate

correct regarding a tuberculous ulcer is

transvers orientation
 stricture formation
 presence of caseous necrosis on cut surface
 All of the above

side effect of omeprazole is

heat burn

verniform appendix is the part of which organ

 ascending colon

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