which among the hormone has intracellular receptors in all the organ

parathyroid harmone
 growth harmone
 thyroid hormone

hyperglycemia is the menifestation of

diabetes malitus
 cushing syndrome

increased blood sugar level is the charcterstics feature of

diabetes malitus
 corticosteriod therapy
 All of the above

weiht gain is the feature of

  steriod therpay
 cushing syndrome
 BOTH B and C

nursing management of a client hyperthyrodism is

provide cool enviroment
 provide a restful enviorment
 BOTH A and B
 provide small meal

cause of goiter is

iodine deficiency
 excess iodine

human chorionic gonadotrophin is produced by


clinical menifestation of SIADH includes

increased urine na+
 decreased serum na+
 decreased urine osmolaity
 All of the above

posyerior piyuitary secreates

growth harmone

risk factor of auto immune thyroiditis

 All of the above

most comman cause for insulin resistance is

over weight
 post recepatar defects
 damage to beta cells
 pancreatic dysfunction

harmone elevated in a client with hypotyroidism is


lack of the thyroid harmone in children leads to

 grave disease

electrolyte imbalence seen in hypo- parathyrodism is


which is the insulin is the most rapid action

 humulin N

rotation of injection site while administering insulin prevent

insulin resistence
 anaphylectic reaction

hormone involved in calcium homeostasis is

 BOTH A and B

sign related hypocalcemia is

chovstek sign
 trousseau sign
 tenderness at mc burney point
 BOTH A and B

adrenal cortex harmone include

 All of the above

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