normal PH of seman is

 sometime acidic and sometime alkaline

normal PH of vagina

 sometime acidic and sometime alkaline

risk factor of breast cancer

 going through menopause after age 55
 radiation exposure
 All of the above

charctersticks of vaginal discharge during vaginitis is

profuse and purulent
 pus stained
 blood stained

hydrocele is

collection of clear yellow fluid in scrotum
 collection of blood in the tunica vaginalis laer of testes
 dilation of varicosity of the network of veins supply the testicles
 All of the above

dilation of pampiniform venous plexes and the internal spermatic vein is known as

varicose vein

commonly used dignostic test for infertility among female is

 pap smear
 postcoital stuides

serial HCG titres is helpful to diagnose

carcinoma of cervix
 ovarian cancer
 molar preganancy

which is the correct regarding ectopic pregnancy

risk for subsequent ectopic pregnancies are more
 chances of infertility will increase
 high risk for STD
 dont use intrauterine devices

gynecomestia is present in

altered ratio of oestrogen to androgens
 klienfelter syndrome
 increase in estrogen production
 All of the above

nursing intervention for a client who has been sexually assaulted is

treat urgent medical problem
 inform the NGO
 psychological support to the client
 recording and reporting

which sign and symptoms can be seen in BPH (benign prostatic hyperplesia)

difficulty in initiating voiding
 incomplete bladder emptying
 hematuria and oliguria
 All of the above

hormalcause behind BPH (benign prostatic hyperplesia) is


the size of a prostate is about the size of


function of prostate gland

makes fluid that nourishes sperm
 sterlize urine in men
 filter urine in men
 backup storage for sperm

BPH develop from which zone of prostate gland

peripheral zone
 transition zone
 central zone
 BOTH A and C

major clinical findings in prostatic enlargement is

red blood cells casts in urine
 ppain in the groin
 increased urinary frequency in an old men
 general maliase

risk for prostatic cancer is

older then 65 years
 fat rich diet
 BPH (benign prostatic hyperplesia)
 previous history of urinary stone

earliest sign in testicular cancer is

frequencey in urine
 painless enlargement of testes

undescended testes known as

cushingoid apperence

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