electrolyte need to replaced in DKA ( Diabetic ketoacidosis )


Most common complication of myocardual infaraction except

 Heart failure
 Cardiac enlargment

Normal uric acid level is

2.5-8 mg/dl
 3-10 mg/dl
 80-230 mg/dl
 2.7-15 mg/dl

Most common clinical feature of prostate cancer

 Dribbling of urine
 Urge to void

Which is nursing measure for relieving soft tissue swelling

Apply warm pad
 Apply ice or cold packing
 Apply paraffin bath

Which term describe the increased secretion of bile is


Which of the following are sign and symptom of hyperparathyroidism except

Decrease peristalis
 Cardiac dysrrhythmia
 Hypoactive bowel sound

Which joints affect in osteoarthritis

Knee joint
 Hips joint
 Distal inter phalangeal joint
 All of above

Which post operative assessment should be considered after patient herniorrhapy

Level of consciousness
 Pain level
 Ability to urinate
 All of above

Which body secretion or substance will be collected to detect causative organism of gonarrhoea

Throat swab
 Ejaculated semen
 Uretheral drainage
 Blood sample

Kaposi sarcoma is most commonly associated by

Epstein bar virus
 Human immunodefiency virus
 Papilloma virus

MUAC tape is used for following which

Finding malnutrition in child
 Finding abdominal girth of women
 Finding intensity of injury
 None of above

Which of the following are main cause of preech presentation


World tuberculosis day celebrate as


All of following are mosquito borne disease

 Dengue fever
 All of above

Vaccine storage in a PHC level by

Ice lined refrigrator
 Cold fox
 Vaccine carrier

Daily requirement of calcium that an adult should be

40-50 mg
 1500 mg
 400-500 mg
 1200 mg

Which of the following lipid has highest responsible for atherosclerosis

High density lipoprotein
 Low density lipoprotein
 Very low density lipoprotein

A 2 year old child having cystic fibrosis and he having prescription of pancreatic enzyme. The nurse should administer this medication how

Once per day in morning
 Once per day at bed time
 3 times per day with meals
 at bed time with milk life long

Physiological jaundice appear in term baby at the age of

Before 24 hr
 After 1 week
 Between 30-72 hr
 After 96 hr

Which infection associated with the candida albicans often in infant

 Enteric fever

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