factors causing fracture is

contact sports
 All of the above

complication of fracture healing include

fibrous union
 pseudo arthrosis
 All of the above

what type of fracture is green stick fracture

complete fracture
 incomplete fracture

impacted fracture is also known as

buckled fracture
 complicated fracture
 communicated fracture
 green stick fracture

correct regarding oesteoporosis is

high risk in elderly and post menopausal women
 leads to reducation of bone tissue mass
 there is normal levels of seum calcium and inorganic phosporus
 All of the above

cause of odteomalacia includes

calcium deficiency
 vitamin D deficiency
 BOTH A and B
 exposure to sunlight

organism responsible for a pyogenic osteomyelitis is

staphylococcus aureus

diet of a fracture patient should be rich in


benign tumour of bone is

 ewings sarcoma
 osteogenic sarcoma

mannual manipulation of dislocated shoulder joint is known as

a close reduction
 an open reduction
 internal fixation
 external fixation

anterior curvature of the spine is called is


posterior curvature is callled as


lateral curvature is called as


clinical menifestation of ankylosing spondylitis include

fever and headche
 fatigue and night sweats
 low back pain
 urinary incontinance

heberden nodes is seen in

rheumatoid arthritis

correct regarding tendon is

it connect bone to muscle
 it connect bone to bone
 it connect muscle to muscle
 All of the above

correct regarding ligament is

it connect bone to muscle
 it connect bone to bone
 it connect muscle to muscle
 All of the above

infection need to be suspected in a casted extremity if there is

 no pulse
 hot spot

total hip athroplasty means

fuse the joint
 replace the hip joint
 fixation of femur with rod
 remove the cartiledge tissue

pathogens responsible for a septic arthritis are

 haemophilus infleunza
 All of the above

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