Sign of septic abortion is

 Tenderness of the abodmen
 All of the above

Hydatiform mole is an abnormal condition affecting


Clinical feature of hydatiform mole is

Snow storm appperance in USG
 Elevated level of HCG
 Absence of fetal parts and FHS
 All of the above

Which is the most difficult time to control diabetes during maternity cycle

First trimester
 Second trimester
 Third trimester
 Labour & delivery

Snow storm apperance in USG is the charctersticks of

 Hydatiform mole
 Battledor placenta

Vulval cancer can be due to

Fungal infection
 Bacterial infection
 HPV infection
 All of the above

Which is the cause of secondary cervical dystocia

Scaring of the cervix
 Post delivery
 Post operative scaring
 All of the above

The glomerular filteration rate in pre eclempsia

 Reamins the same
 None of these

True support of uterus

Broad ligament
 round ligament
 Cardinal ligament
 Uterosacral ligament

The contraceptive method advised in clients with molar preganancy

Oral contraceptive
 Barrier method
 Intrauterine device

Complication of RH isoimmunization EXCEPT

Hydrops foetalis
 Post maturity

Risk factors for placenta previa include

 Placental size
 All of the above

Clinical feature of placenta previa is

Bleeding is always revealed
 Bright red in colur
 FHS is usally present
 All of the above

Complication of multiple gestation include

 Congenital malformation
 Low birth weight
 All of the above

Cause of tubal preganacy include

Contraceptive failure
 Tubal surgery and previous tubal pregnancy is
 Pelvic inflamatary disease
 All of the above

Other name of missed abortion is

Septic abortion
 Threatened abortion
 Slient abortion
 Inevitable abortion

Hyperemesis gravidarum means

Burning micturation
 Severe type of diarrhoea
 Severe type of constipation
 Severe type of vomiiting in pregnancy

Cause of fetal death in abruption placenta is

 Cord tightening

Gestational trophoblastic disease is

 Vesicular mole
 Fibroid uterus
 Uterine dystocia

Sign of inevitable abortion include

Increased vaginal bleeding
 Aggravation of pain in the lower abdomen
 Dilated internal OS
 All of the above

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