Taste buds of tongue are supplied by

Abducent nerve
 Glossophryngeal nerve
 Hpoglossal nerve
 Facial nerve

Which is not a one of the four primary taste sensation


Safety muscle of tongue is


Cranial nerve responsible for a sensation of smell is

Facial nerve
 Hypoglossal nerve
 Olfactory nerve
 Trigeminal nerve

Smallest cranial nerve is


Loss of sence of smell is called as


The nasal cavity is devided into right and left sides by the

 Paranasal sinus
 Nasal septum
 Hard palate

Which is the artery supplies the eye

Internal carotid artery
 External carotid artery
 Facial artery
 Right and left subclavian artery

Which cranial nerve is responsible for a movement of eye ball


The fluid found in posterior segment of eye is known as

Aqueous fluid
 Vitrous fluid

The anterior segment of eye is filled

Aqueous fluid
 Vitrous fluid

Ophthalmic artery is a branch of

vertebral artery
 Basilar artery
 Internal carotid artery
 External carotid artery

The blind spot of eye is

 Optic disc

Road cells and cons cells are associated with which sensation


No of extrinsic muscle involved iin movement of eyeball is


hypoglossal nerve is

6th nerve
 7th nerve
 12th nerve
 9th nerve

Ophthalemic artery is branch of

Vertebral artery
 Basilar artery
 Internal carotid artery
 External carotid artery

Ear structure is enclosed by which bone


Length of typanic membrane

10 mm
 8 mm
 6 mm
 4 mm

No of muscle of middle ear


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