The stool of cholera are

 Rice water

Rabies is transmitted by the bite of

Anopheles mosquito
 A rabid dog

Vaccine produce in our body

Passive immunity
 Active immunity
 Active and passive immunity
 All of the above

Important objectives of health services are

Prevention of disease
 Health promotion
 Cure from the disease
 All of the above

Audio visual aids are classified in to

 All of the above

Copper T is contraindicated during

 Pelvic infection
 Heart disease
 All of the above

When the most appropiate time for a women to perform breat self examination

The first day of menstural cycle period
 One week after the start of the menstural period
 Just before the time of intercourse
 Any convenient time of the month

A client recieving rifampicin should be taught that the effect of the drug could cause

Reddish orange color of urine, saliva and sputum
 Eighth cranial nerve damage
 Vestibular dysfunction

SOS means

Once a day
 4 times a day
 If necessary
 Bed time

Elements of primary health care

Promotion of food supply & proper sanitation
 Adequeate supply of safe water & sanitation
 Maternal and child health care
 All of the above

Gerontology is the study of

Child disease
 Care of old
 Disease related to aging
 Aging process

Intelligent quotient (IQ) level of 20-34 indicates

Mild retardation
 Normal intelligence
 Profound mental retardation
 Severe mental retardation

Who Estabilished the red cross inthe united stated in1882

Dorothia Dix
 Clara barton
 Florance nightingale
 John washington

An organisms which transfer infection by being ingested is known as

 Paratenic host
 Transform host

Which one of the following is not a nursing care unit

 Blood bank

Family planning programmme was launched in india in


Which disease is not included in water borne disease

 Weils diasease
 Hydatid disease

Which drug is not part of DOTS treatment


In india UNICEF procured ORS formula was launched in

JUNE 2005
 APRAIL 2004
 JUNE 2004

Which vaccine is not included in national immunization schudule


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