The nurse is caring for a client who had just had an upper GI endoscopy, the client vital sign must be taken every 30 minutes for 2 hours after the procedure the nurse assigns an unlicensed nursing personnel to take vital signs. One hour late, the UAP reports the client who was previously afebrile, has developed a temperature of 101.8 F. what should the nurse do in response to these reported assessment data ?

Promptly assess the client for potential perforation.
 Tell the assistant to change thermometers and retake the temperature
 Plan to give the client acetaminophen to lower the temperature
 Ask the UAP to bathe the client with tapid water

A client is admitted to the hospital after vomiting bright red blood and is diagnosed with a bleeding duodenal ulcer.The client develops a sudden, sharp pain in the midepigastric region along with a rigid, boarderlike abdomen. The nurse should do which of the following first ?

Administer pain medication as prescribed
 Raise the head of the bed
 Prepare to insert a nasogastric tube
 Notify the physician

When obtaining a nursing history from a client with suspected gastric ulcer, which signs and symptoms should the nurse assess ?

Epigastric pain at night
 Limit gastric acid secretion
 All of the above

A client with peptic ulcer disease is taking rantidine. What is the expected outcome of this drug ?

Heal the ulcer
 Protect the ulcer surface from acids
 Reduce acid concentration
 Limit gastric acid secreation

A client admitted to the hospital with peptic ulcer disease tells the nurse about having black stools. The nurse should

Encourage the client to increase fluid intake
 Advise the client to avoid iron rich foods
 Place the client on contact precaution
 Report the finding to the HCP

The nurse is perparing to teach a client with peptic ulcer about the diet that should be followed after discharge. The nurse should explain that the client should eat which of the following ?

Bland foods
 High protein foods
 Any food that are tolerated
 A glass of milk with each meal

A client is to take one daily dose of ranitidine at home to treat peptic ulcer the client understands proper drug asministration of rantidine when the client will take the drug at which of the following time ?

Before meals
 With meals
 At bedtimes
 When pain Occurs

A client is taking an antacid for treatment of peptic ulcer which of the following statement best indicate that the client understands how to correctly take the antacids?

I should take my antacid before I take my other medication.
 I need to decrease my intake of fluid so that I donít dilute the effect of my antacids.
 My antaacids will be most effective if I take it whenever I experience stomach pains.
 It is best for me to take my antacids 1 to 3 hour after meals

Which of the following would be ab expected outcomes for a client with peptic ulcer disease. The client will ?

Demonstrate appropriate to use of analgesics
 Explain the rational for eliminating alcohol for th diet.
 Verbalize the importance of monitoring Hb and hematocrit level every 3 month
 Eliminate engaging in contact sports

Following a gastrectomy, the nurse should position the client in which of the following position ?

 Low Fowler
 Right lateral

To reduce the risk of dumping syndome, the nurse should teach the client to do which of the following ?

Sit upright for 30 min. after the meals
 Drink liquid with meals, avoiding caffeine
 Avoid milk and other dairy products
 Decrease the carbohydrate content of meals

After surgery for gastric cancer, a client is scheduled to undergo radiation therapy. It will be most important for the nurse to include information about which of the following in the client teaching plan ?

Nutritional intake
 Management of alopecia
 Exercise and activity levels
 Access to community resources

After a subtotal gastrectomy the negative tube drainage will be what colour for about 12-24 hr after surgery?

Dark brown
 Bright red
 Bile Green
 Cloudy white

A client who has had the jaw wired begins to vomit. What should be the nurse first action ?

Insert a NG tube and connect ti to the suction
 Use wire cuttters to cut the wire
 Suction the client airway as needed
 Administer an antiemetic intravenously

A client has a NG tube following a subtotal gastrectomy the nurse should ?

Irrigate the tube with 30 ml of sterile water every hr, if needed
 Reposition the tube if it is not draining well
 Monitor the client for nausea, vomitting and abdominal distention
 Turn the machine to high suction if the drainage is sluggish on low suction

A client with suspected gastric cancer undergo an endoscopy of stomach.Which of the following assessment made after the procedure would indicate the development of a potential complication ?

The client has a sore throat
 The client display sign of sedation
 The client experience a sudden increase in temperature
 The client demonstrate lack of appetite

In developing a teaching plan for the client with a hital hernia, The nurse assessment of which work. Related factors would be most useful?

Number and length of breaks
 Body mechanism used in lifting
 Temperature in work area
 Cleaning solvent is used

Which of the following lifestyle modification should be the nurse encourage the clientwith a hital hernia to include in activities of daily living ?

Daily aerobic exercise
 Eliminating smoking and alcohol use
 Balancing activity and rest
 Avoiding high stress situstion

The nurse should instruct the client to avoid which of the following drugs while taking metoclopramide hydrochloride ?


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