An elderly client admitted with pneumonia and dementia has attempted several times to pull out the IV and foley catheter. The nurse obtain a prescription for bilateral soft wrist restraints. Which nursing action is most appropriate ?

Perform circulation checks to bilateral upper extremites each shift.
 Attach the ties of the restraints to the bed frame
 Re-evaluate the need for restraints and document weekly
 Ensure the restrain order has been signed by the physician within 72 hours.

A 79- year old client is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia, while obtaining the client health history, the nurse learns that the client has osteoarthritis, follows a vegetarain diet, and is very concered with cliness. Which of the following would mostly likely be a predisposing factors for the diagnosis of pneumonia ?

 Vegetarian diet
 Daily bathing

A client with bacterial pneumonia is to be started on IV antibiotic. Which of the following diagnostic test must be completed before antibiotic therapy begins ?

 Sputum culture
 Chest radiography
 Red blood cell count

When caring for the client who is receving an aminoglycoside antibiotic, the nurse should monitor which of the following labortary values ?

Serum sodium
 Serum Potassium
 Serum Creatinine
 Serum Calcium

Pencillin has been prescribed for a client to the hospial for treatment of pneumonia to administer the forst dose of penicillin nurse should ask the client ?

Do you have a history of seizures ?
 Do you have any cardiac history ?
 Have you had any recent infections?
 Have you had a previous allergy to pencillin

A client with pneumonia has a temperature of 102.6 F is diaphorectic, and has a productive cough. The nurse should include which of the following measure in the plan of care ?

Position changes every 4 hr
 Nasotracheal suctioning to clear secreation
 Frequent linen changes
 Frequent offering of a bedpan

The cyanosis that accompanies bacterial pneumonia is primrly caused by which of the following

Decreased cellular demand for oxygen
 Reduced episodes of coughing
 Diminished pain when breathing deeply
 Ability to expectorate secreation more easily

Which of the following measure would most likely be successful in reducing pleuritic chest pain with pneumonia

Encourage the client to breathe shallowly
 Have the client practice abdominal breathing
 Offer the client incentive spirometry
 Teach the client to splint the ribcage when coughing

Which of the following mental status changes may occur when a client with pneumonia is first experiencing hypoxia ?


The client with pneumonia develops mild constipation and the nurse administer docusate sodium as prescribed. This drug works by

Softening the stool
 Lubricating the stool
 Increasing stool bulk
 Stimulating peristalis

Which of the following is an expected outcome for an elderly client following treatment for bacterial pneumonia ?

A respiratory rate of 25-30 breath/min
 The ability to perform activities of daily living without dyspnea
 A maximum loss of 5-10 lb of body weight chest pain that is minimized by splinting the rib cage

The nurse administer two 325 mg asprin every 4 hour to a client with pneumonia. The nurse should evaluate the outcome of administering the drug by assessing which of following ?

Decreased pain when breathing
 Prolonged clotting time
 Decreased respiratory rate
 All of the above

Bed rest is prescribed for a client with pneumonia during the acute phase of the illness. The nurse should determine the effectiveness of bed rest by assessing the clients?

Decreased cellular demand for oxygen
 Reduced episodes of coughing
 Diminished pain when breathing deeply
 Ability to expectorate secreation more easily

A client with pneumonia is experiencing pleuritic chest pain. The nurse should assess the client for ?

A mild but constant aching in the chest
 Severe midsternal pain
 Moderate pain that worsen on inspiration
 Muscles spasm pain that accompanies coughing

The health care provider understand that teaching has been effective when the patient verbalizes the following regarding influenza vaccination.

If I have already had the vaccine last year, it is not recommended that I get it again this year
 Since the vaccine is the live virus, I can except to be ill for 4-7 days after receving my shots
 Influenza vaccine are a cure for the flu
 The vaccine is an inactivated virus,but cause some mild cold like symptoms

A client with pneumonia caused by aspiration after alcohol intoxication has just been admitted the client is febrile and agitated. Which health care provider order should the nurse implement fast ?

Administer levofloxacin 500mg IV
 Draw aerobic and anaerobic blood culture
 Give lorazepam as needed for agitation
 Refer to social worker for alcohol counselling

Pneumonia may be present differently in the older adult than in the younger adult ?

Crackles on auscultation

Which statement best describe pneumonia ?

An infection of just the windpipe because the lungs are clear of any problems
 A serious inflammation, caused by various things of the bronchioles
 An inflammation resulting from damage
 None of the above

A patient is seen in the HCP office and with community- acquired pneumonia. The nurse knows the most common symptoms that this patient may have is

 Abdominal pain
 Chest discomfort

The nurse is renewing a pneumonia, pt lab result what does she expect to see ?

Decreased Hgb
 Increased RBCs
 Decreased Neutrophils
 Increased WBCs

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