AIDS is a:

Bacterial disease
 Viral disease
 Fungal disease
 Protozoal disease

The richest natural source of vitamin A is:

 Cod liver oil

Florence Nightingale was born in which country:


Ascorbic acid is a:


Mid-day meal programme provides how many calories and proteins per day?

300 calories and 6-12 gram of proteins
 200 calories and 6-12 grams of proteins
 300 calories and 8-12 grams of proteins
 200 calories and 8-12 grams of proteins

Severe muscle wasting, growth failure and loss of subcutaneous fat are features of


Which of the following formula is correct for calculating Body Mass Index (BMI):

Weight in Kg. + (Height in meter)2
 Weight in Kg. - (Height in meter)2
 Weight in Kg. x (Height in meter)2
 Weight in Kg. / (Height in meter)2

The first indicator of protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) in children is:

Over weight for age
 Weak and lethargic child
 Under weight for age
 Child having less intake of food

Pernicious anaemia is caused by a deficiency of:

 Vitamin B12
 Folic Acid

Patient comes to primary health care centre with signs of clotting problem, a community health nurse suspects the deficiency of:

Vitamin C
 Vitamin K
 Vitamin E

Switching from mother's breast milk to normal feeding in infants is called:

Trail feeding
 Replacement feeding

In following which is the major indication of ECT:

Severe depression with suicidal risk
 Severe mania

What is the main side effect of ECT:

Retrograde amnesia

Librium is a:

Antimanic drug
 Antidepressant drug
 Antiparkinson drug
 Tranquilizer drug

Criteria of a profession include except:

A profession should be intellectual
 It should be self governing
 In a profession there is no place for higher education
 A profession should be service-oriented

Qualities of a nurse include except:

Caring attitude
 Well balanced life

Use of code of ethics in nursing profession includes:

It guides professional behavior
 It prevent a nurse from practicing below the standard set by the code
 It can be used to protect a nurse who is falsely accused of doing something wrong
 All of the above

A failure in professional duty, practice or skill that leads to injury or harm to the patient, is termed as:


What is the full term of TNAI?

Training in Nursing at All India Level
 Trained Nurses of All India
 Trained Nurses Association of India
 Training in Nurses at International Level

The target "Health for All by 2000 AD" was declared by:

 Red Cross Society

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