The radius is located

In the upper part of the arm
 On the thumb side of the lower arm
 On the little finger side of the lower arm
 At the shoulder arm

The type of muscle found in the visceral organs and blood vessels is called


Poliomyelitis is caused by


Pathogenic organisms are

Used in the pasteurization process
 More plentiful than any other type of organism
 Important to industry
 Harmful to humans

Autoclaving a means of sterilization will destroy

All microorganisms
 Pathogenic microorganisms
 Non­pathogenic microorganisms
 Just yeasts and molds

All microorganisms

Form spores
 Have a waxy coating
 Are protoplasm consisting of protein
 Adapt to adverse environment

Factors influencing inhibition of growth and destruction of microorganisms include­ a)Temperature and contact b) Absence of organic material c) Time d)Spore formation

B, C and D
  A, b and D
  A, C and D
 A, B and C

In the complex sense of vision the image of an object focused on the retina and is transmitted to the brain

 Optic nerve

During, swallowing food is stopped from entering the larynx by the

 Eustachian Tube

Many children with tonsillitis develop ear infection this is because the ear and throat are connected by the

 Eustachian Tube

The respiratory centre is located in the part of brain


Water is mostly absorbed from the digestive tract in the

 Small Intestine
 Large Intestine

Thyroid is effective only in the presence of ? Thyroid is effective only in the presence of ?

  Sodium Chloride

The normal pH for body fluids is

9.1 to 9.6
 7.3 to 7.45
 4. 4. To 5.4
 7 to 7.1

In the body there are

206 bones
 256 bones
 215 bones
  201 bones

The family plays an important role in the emotional development of the individual because it ?

Provides support for the young
  Gives reward and punishment
 Helps one to learn identity and roles
 Reflects the mores of a larger society

Unsatisfied needs create anxiety that motivate and individual to act. The action is brought about mainly to

Reduce tension
 deny the situation
 Remove the problem
 Relieve the physical discomfort

When rehabilitating a client addicted to alcohol. The most important factor is

The availability of community resources
 The accepting attitude of the clinical family
 The client's emotional or motivational readiness
 The qualitative level? of the client's physical state

The most important assessment data for the nurse to gather from a client in crisis would be

The client's work habits
 Any significant physical health data
 A past history of any emotional problems in the family
 The specific circumstances surrounding the "perceived" crisis situation.

Rationalization, denied and distortion by a client with hallucinations and delusions are examples of disturbance in

 Reality testing
 The thought process

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